Sunday, September 5, 2010

What's Your Handle?

10 - 4 - Ok... or Copy
10 - 33 - Emergency
10 - 20 - Your Location
10 - 36 - What's the correct time
Alligator - Rubber of blown tire in the road
Ankle Biter - Children
Antler Alley - Deer Crossing
Baby Bear - Rookie Policeman
Back Door - Behind You.."I've got your back door"
Back `em Down - Slow Down
Bear - Policeman
Bear In The Air - Police Helicopter
Bear Bait - Speeding Automobile
Bear Trap - Parked cop with radar
Beaver - Woman
Bean Popper - Person who pops pills
Bedbugger - Moving Van
Big Hole - Top Gear
Big Road - Interstate Highway
Bird Dog - Radar Detector
Blew My Doors Off - Passed you at a high rate of speed
Bobtail - Just the tractor (truck) with no trailer
Brake Check - Traffic has come to a stop ahead
Break - Need to have everyones attention.
Break 1-9 - Need to have everyones attention on 19
Bucket - Dump Truck
Bull Racks - trucks that carry livestock
Cash Register - Toll Booth
Catch Ya On The Flip-Flop - Return trip
Chicken Coop - Weigh Station
Chicken Lights - Lots of lights on a truck
City Kitty - City Cop
Civilian - Someone not a trucker
Clean Shot - I didn't see any cops
Coloring - To write in log book
Comedian - Median - section between traffic lanes
Comic Book - Log Book
Coming In Loud & Proud - You are sounding strong on CB
Cop Shop - State Police Station
Covered Wagon - Flatbed trailer with the load covered
Crotch Rocket - Motorcycle
Deadhead - Tractor & trailer with no load. Empty
Diesel Bear - DOT Cop
Diesel Cop - DOT Cop
Dispatcher Brains - Light load or empty trailer
Double Nickel - 55 miles per hour
Dragon Fly - Truck dragging up hill & flies down hill
Dry Box - Trailer that hauls dry products only
Evil Kenevil - Motorcycle Cop
Exposed Cherries - Bright red lights on a police car grille
Four Wheeler - Automobiles with 4 wheels
Freight Shaker - Freighter liner tractor
Future Organ Donor - Murdercyclist with no Skid Lid
Georgie Overdrive - Put gear in neutral to go faster down hill
Good Buddy - Homosexual
Granny Lane - The slow lane on interstate. Right Lane
Ground Pressure - Getting the tractor trailer weighed
Hammer Lane - The fast lane on interstate. Left Lane
Hammer Down - Go Faster
Hand - Truck Driver
Home 20 - Your Home
Honey Bear - Female Police Officer
Large Car - Large and nice truck
Left Coast - West Coast
Lollipop - Mile Marker
Lot Lizard - Prostitute
Master & Slave - 2 Fuel Pumps on your truck
Meat Wagon - Ambulance
Motion Lotion - Diesel Fuel
Murdercycle - Motorcycle or Crotch Rocket
Parking Lot - Truck hauling cars
Pickle Park - Rest Area
Pumpkin - Orange truck from Schneider National's fleet (largest trucking company in the states)
Radio Check - Is my radio working?
Reefer - Trailer that hauls cold products
Salt Shaker - Snow Plow
Sesame Street - Channel 19 on the CB
Shake The Bushes - Lead truck looking for cops in the bushes
Shooting You In The Back - A cop hiding and clocking your speed
Short Short - Short amount of time
Sleeper Leaper - Prostitute
Speedo - Speeding Violation
Sugar Bear - Female Police Officer
Surface Street - Anything off the Interstate
Taking Pictures - Cop using his radar gun
Travel Agent - Dispatcher
Yard - Trucking Company Terminal
Yard Stick - Mile Marker on Interstate
Wagon - The trailer behind a truck
What's Your Handle? - What is your CB Nickname
Wiggle Wagon - Double or Triple Trailers behind a truck

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