Wednesday, November 26, 2008

In Tandem: Colectivo MR

Collectivo MR is an artistic collaboration between Peruvian photographer Marina García Burgos and Spanish art critic Ricardo Ramón Jarne. Their photographic works reveal delicate social problems inherent in our modern society. The images below are from a body of work titled Si No Existe El Más Allá (If There Is No Afterlife). The collective sees art as a social environment and hopes to provoke awareness in a nonpartisan and unbiased manner through their photography. The irony in this series is the use of their models as protagonists in antagonist situations, photographing the poor in native costume and placing them within the contrast of the elite society so often disguised of bigotry.

"If there is no afterlife, the injustice of the poor lingers perpetually."

Jorge Chavez Int'l Airport, Callao, Peru 2007

Restaurant, Lima, Peru 2007

Art Gallery, Lima, Peru 2007

Theater, Lima, Peru 2007
all images © Colectivo MR

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