Saturday, August 29, 2009

On The Road Again

'through our windshield'

We hit the pavement hard the past few days on a road trip from NY to South Carolina for some family fun and to work on Hurry Up & Wait. Not in a truck, but in a rental this time, still stopping by truck stops we passed along the way, which made our 13hr drive a little longer. It seems like we haven't been in a truck much longer than a few months, and wondered what it would feel like approaching drivers without being drivers ourselves. Turns out some were more interested that we stopped driving and enjoyed looking at the work we've shot thus far. It felt strange to be back, but it felt right. The nostalgia crept in, and while we indulged in what surrounded us, we were also glad to be able to work without worrying about a load and if we'd make it on time. Summer's almost over, but as soon as we get our car on the road, we look forward to our wknd road-trips and meeting more fellow drivers. Enjoy the few days left before Labor Day, then hit the ground running in September!

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