Sunday, August 16, 2009

Bacon Please!

Portrait of John Edwards, 1988
© The Estate of Francis Bacon
Portrait of John Edwards, 1988
So we're probably the last people in NY (or even the entire metroplitan area) to go see the extraordinary centenary Francis Bacon retrospective at the Met, but we lived in a truck for a year and made a point to see it before it closed. It was definitely worth a visit, though we do wish it wasn't so crowded so we can view the work as we would have liked.....without bumping into people and having them walk right in front of the paintings.

We were drawn to his expressions of the human form in addition to his palette and composition. But what we love most about retrospectives of an artist's career is that aside from highlighting their most memorable works, you see the growth, development, progression, and achievement of the artist. One of the underlining sections of the show was the incredible amount of material on view from his personal studio, showing the viewer where he pulled his inspiration and sources from. To see Eadweard Muybridge photographs was a delightful surprise, one which made absolute sense in documenting and studying motion and movement.

Bacon really makes everything taste much better!

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