Monday, July 13, 2009

A Warm & Humid Southern Welcome!

Houston left an everlasting impression on us, one we wish to never forget. The folks in Houston are paramount examples of southern hospitality. We had a great opening with a wonderful talk given by Katherine Ware.

"Many of the photographers in the show are engaged in work about assessing our lives now, marked by a time of transition and change. They are composing little love songs to that which is disappearing or to that which is proliferating. My sense is that they are seeking to understand and accept more than to criticize, perhaps with a little sadness and sometimes with humor. Farmers, ranchers, truckers, and itinerant preachers are all a lot less common than cubicle workers these days."

The pleasure was ours to meet and greet with several of the artists along with everyone from the Houston Center of Photography. Some of our new friends and participating artists include:


Composition # 112, 2008
from his Composition series

Crude 6, 2007
from the series Oil

Ponce, 2007
from the series Jockeys and Exercise Riders

Davina, 2008
from the series 17 Stories

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