Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Hurry Up & Wait

Moto Mart, Perryville, MO 2008
Moto Mart, Perryville, MO 2008
from the series Hurry Up & Wait

We are excited to announce that images from our latest and ongoing series Hurry Up & Wait will be shown this summer:

Houston Center for Photography
- Houston, TX
27th Anniversary Membership Exhibition
Juried by Katherine Ware
Curator of Photography
New Mexico Museum of Art, Santa Fe
Exhibiting artists include: Dave Jordano, Ellen Rennard, Brad Moore, Alejandro Cartagena, and more.

Host Gallery
- London, UK
Foto8 Summer Show
Juried by: Diana Ewer, Director, TAG Fine Art
Richard Kalman, Director, Crane Kalman Gallery, Brighton
Simon Norfolk, Photographer
Andrea Stern, Head of Images, Victoria and Albert Museum
Graham Wood, Director of Photography, The Times Magazine

While we're glad to be home and in time for some proper summer weather, we are off to hit the road again, this time in a plane to Houston!

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