Friday, February 1, 2008

Silvio Wolf : Voyager


all images © Silvio Wolf

A great mentor to us, we took pleasure in seeing an old friend and attending his opening last night at Robert Mann. His Voyager installation is on view through 15March.

"Silvio Wolf leads gallery visitors on a metaphorical journey enveloping the full range of photographic capabilities, weaving in and out of representation and abstraction...Wolf's work is never purely about structural exercises, but is grounded by the human and the emotional. Each photograph rivals the scale of the body, and in the glassy reflection of each piece the viewer is brought into the unfolding drama of the image...Through the rhythms of appearance and disappearance, Wolf's theater of light investigates the epistemological potential of image-making, embracing the thresholds where the visible becomes manifest." -Robert Mann Gallery

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