Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Brian Palmer & Fred Ritchin : It's Not the Technology!

Documentary, journalism, and forms of fine art that fall under the broad category of "nonfiction visual storytelling" have been upended by the digital revolution. Our audiences have fragmented, and, in some cases, our livelihoods decimated. Many of us, by choice and necessity, have adopted new modes of capture, image processing, and dissemination. Many more of us work feverishly to create new business models to keep our careers afloat.

But the current crisis in our fields is less about the digital than it is about certain enduring and fundamental questions. What is the purpose of our work? Who are we in relation to the people, places, and events we examine and explore? Put another way, whom, if anybody, do we serve with our work? Technology complicates and obscures these matters, but it does not erase them.

In this session we hope to contribute to the global effort of tracing potential paths out of the current chaotic media environment toward substantive, ethical, and sustainable framework and practices that harness the digital without fetishizing technology. (via)

Thursday, March 1st, 7pm
SVA Theatre
333 W. 23rd St.

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