Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Robert Frank : Candy Mountain

film still

“Autumnal, verging on wintry, CANDY MOUNTAIN is a film of off-putting attitude and unobtrusive splendor. This Robert Frank/Rudy Wurlitzer collaboration resurrects the ghost of beatnik aspiration – it’s as mocking and elegiac as befits the testament of two reclusive counter-culture heroes. … As beautiful as it is mannered, as sad as it is funny, [this] is a film about the end of the road, the end of America, the end of Endsville. Incandescently nondescript, this may be the first movie to make Canada seem uncanny.”

Thursday, 5May @ 9:15 PM
by Robert Frank & Rudy Wurlitzer
1988, 91 minutes, 35mm

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