Friday, March 25, 2011

Edward Del Rosario : Fable

all images © Edward Del Rosario
For the past eight years I have been using painting to explore a narrative that deals with power struggles and the aftermath of a post post-colonial world. My paintings, oil on linen and painted on an easel, consist of a cast of characters staged on flat color backgrounds. The cast of characters is numerous but finite and the compositions and backgrounds vary from painting to painting. The compositions are snapshots of characters engaged in some ambiguous comedic or dramatic scene drawn from the narrative. The scenes often redefine the narrative, and over the years, have modified and transformed it into an organic meta-narrative. - Edward Del Rosario
Edward Del Rosario : Fable
26 March - 30 April
Opening Reception : 26 March, 5-7pm
Richard Heller Gallery
2525 Michigan Avenue
Santa Monica, CA 90404

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