Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Sometimes You Had To

Occasionally you will find some of these laying around a truck stop, and the worst of all is when you back into your spot for the night and you run over one with your trailer in the lot. Then your catwalk (space between your tractor-trailer and an adjacent one in a full and tight lot) smells like piss which you usually have to walk through if you're going to and from your truck and the truck stop to use the restroom, eat, shower, wash clothes, etc. We drank as little as possible to avoid stopping so often. Men have it pretty easy with bottles and all, but for women it's pretty rough. We've heard stories from Big Gulp cups, portable toilets and even cat litter!!!!


A reader just informed us of this product:

(from the Urinelle site)
All women have, at certain moments, wished that they could pee standing up, like men. Now they can! With the URINELLE, a disposable cone through which women can urinate without having to sit down. (from the Urinelle site)

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loohire said...

You too could pee in a bottle.... :) There's a gizmo on the market called a Urinelle which is used in conjunction with our portable urinal by women at festivals. I'm if you Googled it you'd get the picture.