Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Made it back to our yard in Kearny, had two extra days home since our dispatcher couldn't find us a load. We picked an awkward time (the beginning of the recession) to start driving. Truth is, we planned it for over a year beforehand in 2007. Too far into it, we hoped for the best, went to truck-driving school, and hit the road. Being new drivers and considering the recession was at it's peak (if we can), loads were pretty scarce, even for one of the top 5 carriers such as the one we drove for.

Had a loaded trailer waiting for us in the yard. 40,000 lbs of Hawaiian Punch! Drove to Westbury, LI and unloaded at a Costco. Short load.....minimal pay. Drove back to NJ and stayed at the ever seedy Vince Lombardi service area.

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