Saturday, September 11, 2010


Waited all morning for a load. Drove 4 hours (roughly 200 miles) for a load at Clorox in Eastpoint, GA. Freight is so bad, generally we drive under 100 miles to pick-up a load. Queued up for a live load of 41,235 lbs of Clorox Wipes. Surprisingly found a spot at 10pm at a Love's. We generally started around 5-6am every morning depending on the load/route. We tried to stop early between 4-6pm to ensure a parking spot at any truckstop and to fill our bellies up before bed. Tried to walk around for an hour either in the parking lot or around the trucker store; only form of exercise. Fully lucked out tonight and found a spot! Love's are generally smaller sized corporate truck stops.

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