Thursday, August 19, 2010

Home on Wheels

Here is a photo of the inside of our home of over a year. Our kitchen/living room/dining room/office/ bedroom all in one. Yes, that's a free Cracker Barrel map we had up. It's actually on the bottom of the top bunk. Had that up the entire time since there was no need for it, managed to squeeze ourselves on the bottom twin bunk. Under the bottom bunk is some storage space. Most of the back wall is padded vinyl. To the left was a tiny cubby hole for our clothes and on top of that was a small strapped down (with bungee cords) tv/vhs combo. To the right was a small fridge on top of a microwave (our viking) and another cubby hole where we kept our dry food. Pretty much it. Two feet in front of that is already the back of our seats in the front of the cab, which you can separate by pulling a vinyl curtain and zipping it down the center.

rough sketch

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