Friday, August 6, 2010

6 AUGUST 2008

Drove through Mississippi, Alabama to Florida. Stopped early at a Pilot (another chain truck stop) to shower. When you fuel over 50 gallons, you usually get a free shower. Not bad, and not as dirty as one would imagine. They give you an extra hard towel from bleach and over-drying, which isn't a bad thing, and a bar of soap. Plus they clean it after every use, so you didn't get surprised with gross remnants. It's funny when you're at a truck stop you know a driver is about to shower when he/she either has a gym bag or backpack with them. Sometimes the lines are so long you have to wait until your number is called on the intercom. Shower time was always a good time. Free from your truck, and able to stand under nice hot water. Called quits for the day since we weren't so far away. Tried dropping early (so we can get another load faster) but the company wouldn't take us. We were carrying 12,000 lbs of shelving for Costco (owned by Walmart).


Timothy Briner said...

I grew up near a truck stop named "Buck Horn." It was my main hangout for all of HS. It was the only good place to sit with friends and get a coffee after 10pm. I spent many all-nighters there during my youth. You would constantly hear "Number __, your shower is ready."

T R I B B L E & M A N C E N I D O said...

All too familiar here too! That shower really took us away to another place....was clutch!