Wednesday, August 4, 2010

4 AUGUST 2008

Of course we got a knocking in the middle of the night, a lot lizard wanting to know if Frank "needed company." We saw her earlier yesterday night starting her night's work. Now you have to understand that that is an invasion of privacy. You don't knock on some one's truck, you just can't do that. Unless of course you're a lot lizard. It's your home, you never let anyone inside your truck, and watch those who even come close to it.

Woke up again by a second knocking on our truck, this time it was 8am and was the wrecker (tow truck for big trucks). He hooked our tractor-trailer, and we slowly made it basically across the highway to a Peterbilt dealership. Our truck hooked up to his, we were over 130,000 lbs and long as hell! We sat in the front of his cab with him, all hazards on, and watched. The driver was no more than 24 and made turns like he was driving a Smart Car.

The Peterbilt dealership was huge and really nice. Their shop had 25 bays, working on both sides, so they can have up to 50 trucks in the shop at one time. Waited all day, told it was our alternator. Showered in their driver's lounge and watched tv; nicest one we've been to. Hoped our truck would be fixed as Hurricane Edouard was about to hit Houston hard. Peterbilt said they may not even open the next day...

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