Sunday, August 22, 2010

22 AUGUST 2008

Drove all day and stopped at a company terminal in Tunnel Hill, GA. A little early with our load so decided to drop by, was also on the way, to get our driver tech fixed. A driver tech is a bigger GPS that also allows you to communicate with your dispatch via email, rather more like text messaging. Couldn't say the GPS is that accurate, for every load we still had to plan our route and use a good ol' map. The GPS is supposed to help guide you to the routes that trucks can go with the proper height clearance. We've gotten lost many a times following it. At most company terminals there are showers, a driver's lounge (couches and a tube), free washers/dryers, a shop (to fix your truck) and always full of frustrated company drivers. Took full advantage of all the amenities and waited on queue to get our driver tech fixed.

our driver tech

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