Tuesday, August 17, 2010

17 AUGUST 2008

Our company put us up in a nearby hotel from Peterbilt, a rarity....usually they make you go to a company terminal and expect you to sleep in the drivers' lounge or just wait it out in your broken down truck. Luckily for us they had no terminals nearby, and we can't stay in our truck if it's in Peterbilt's shop. The dealership told them (our company) our problem was bigger than a day's work and it was the wknd so they were waiting for a part to come in on Monday. Something was wrong with our alternator's sensor.

The shop was walking distance from the hotel so we checked in every now and again to see how our truck was doing. On one of our many walks back, we met a couple who drove team from northern Minnesota who was parked outside of the Peterbilt dealership fixing their own Pete. They came late the night before when the dealership was closed, parked out front and began trying to fix it themselves. Next day, the dealership saw them and said they wouldn't take in their truck because they cannot be liable for any additional damage they may have caused. Going on day 2, they had to call a nearby road squad to help them out. You pay those guys by the hour, so their bill was looking pretty hefty. Their daughters drove down to get their mother and before they left they had a little picnic around the truck. The mother only drives in the summer while some of the kids are in school, but stays home throughout the year on their farm, looking after the cows. It was a bit of a party, and we offered the husband to use our shower if he needed to since it seemed like it would go on to day 3 and he would have to man it alone.

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