Friday, August 13, 2010

13 AUGUST 2008

Picked up an empty in Brooklyn, IA at a Kellog's DC. Drop and hook (when you drop your empty for a loaded one) at Elkay Plastics in Bensenville, IL of 40,000 lbs of plastic wrap. We repowered and switched loads of 14,679 lbs of random plastic fittings for a Menard DC in Eau Claire, WI. Today was supposed to be our first day of home-time. Usually you get 2 per month. Supposed to be one day for every seven you drive, but most drivers don't take it so they can keep rolling and making money. Our home-time this time was in MN as we had a shoot for 2 days to do with Red Wing Shoes in Red Wing, MN. Kinda crazy to do a shoot while we were full on truck drivers, but we made it work and they loved seeing us roll up in our big, red and shiny. Loads of fun, and a nice break from our day to day.

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