Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Exhibition Lab

Gallery owners Michael Foley and Sasha Wolf are thrilled to announce the formation of The Exhibition Lab, a new study center for fine art photography.

The Exhibition Lab will provide a vibrant modern-day salon for artists, scholars and others who are interested in engaging the world's diverse and vital photography community through the gateway of New York City.
(from the Ex Lab site)

Check out the site here for a description of classes and how to sign up!

Currently the teacher's list includes:
Peter Berberian- Owner, Printer, Gotham Imaging
Susan Bright- Curator, Writer
Elinor Carucci - Photographer
Sean Corcoran- Curator, Museum of the City of New York
Stacey Clarkson- Art Director, Harper's Magazine
Jessica Dimmock- Photographer
Nima Etemadi- Assistant Editor, Aperture (books and magazine)
Jon Feinstein- Curator, Founder, Humble Arts Foundation
Michael Foley- Director, Foley Gallery
Peter Kayafas- Photographer, Publisher
Joanna Lehan- Book Editor and Essayist
Matthew Pillsbury- Photographer
Kira Pollack- Director of Photography, Time Magazine
Gerald Slota- Photographer
Ryan Speth- Owner, Printer, Gotham Imaging
Amy Stein- Photographer
Sasha Wolf- Director, Sasha Wolf Gallery

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