Friday, February 5, 2010

Portrait Fix : Lydia Panas

Made it to Lydia Panas' opening of The Mark of Abel yesterday at Foley Gallery. We've been following her work for some time now and it was a delight to see her beautifully lush images in person. Check out her show especially if you love portraits, it's up until 20APR.

Lydia Panas is an observer of the family dynamic. In her photographs, she manages to capture subtle hints of those complex relationships that tend to exist within the extended family or circles of friends. Her photographs examine the way in which these relationships are simultaneously a product of and an influence upon the identity of each member of the family group.

The subjects are arranged similarly in each image; in some verdant setting, they openly face the camera through a narrowly selective depth of field. Through this simple arrangement, the subjects confront the viewer with quieted expression and gesture. Both tension and attraction within the group can be detected in the details: in posture, dress, closeness or distance. The photographs capture and prolong a moment of pause whereby a slight and perhaps distracted gesture carries the mood and exposes some piece of an interpersonal identity. Panas manages to disarm her subjects in such a way as to induce the unconscious display of this sort of familiar connectedness in various outdoor spaces made intimate.
-from Foley Gallery's press release

all images © Lydia Panas
from The Mark of Abel series

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