Monday, February 22, 2010

Life At The Waypoints of America's Truckers

The Black Snapper recently featured our work, have a look here.

Jerry Rollie Jr., Rising Fawn, GA 2009

Tribble and Mancenido’s ongoing project shows the American landscape from the unique perspective of its trucking culture. What we are presented with is not so much a picture of America but a semblance of the subculture itself- the truckers, truck stops, gas stations and other liminal areas that these professional transients traffic. In a country of ubiquity it has been strikingly difficult to connect a face to the labor of production and distribution. This young couple has endeavored to show us this from the inside while they drive a tractor-trailer for a year, highlighting the quotidian minutiae of life at the waypoints of America’s truckers.
Curator Statement by Michael Itkoff

Thank you Michael and Diederik!

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