Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Road Beckons....

The road is calling, and while the wanderlust has already settled for some time now, we're not quite sure we're ready to pack up and keep on truckin' again....though the $1,000 signing bonus could come in handy and sounds pretty sweet. We're surprised they're in need of more drivers for we distinctly remember countless times we just "sat" waiting for a load....which btw isn't fun at all. There are truck loads of people fresh out of truck driving school that can't find driving jobs, perhaps they should try our company. Of course it's easier for them and less of a liability to hire experienced drivers rather than rookies, but the culture also has one of the highest turnover rates around. It's not strange to see a driver all packed having just cleaned out his truck, sell what he can/take what he can, leave his truck and surrender his keys with the truck stop, trying to find a way home, usually by bus....which btw your company will not pay for if you quit. It's a tough world out there and even tougher when you're out there alone on the road.

To help with some unfamiliar phrases/trucker jargon:

CMT - cents per mile

Home Time - Number of days you are allowed home, usually 2 days/month!

Side Tracker - Rear View Camera to help with backing up

Auto-Shift Fleet - Automatic tractors

Driver Tech GPS - GPS and communications system between you and your company to get load information (pick-up and delivery times), log in hours/miles... they basically know where you are at all times and when you are driving

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