Thursday, September 17, 2009

Week In Review

The beginning of the fall season is always a busy one, one packed with so many great things you don't know where to begin and wish you can just do it all. Below are our highlights:

© Simon Roberts

We had the pleasure of finally meeting Simon Roberts at his opening last week at Klompching Gallery. We have been in contact with him while we were both simultaneously on the road making work...he around England, we in the states. Reading and following his superb blog, it was great to see his impeccable prints in person. It was also nice to see the work after having read his process of shooting, editing, printing, etc. Above is one image from We English that has left an everlasting impression on us. We'll never think of a red dress the same way. Cheers to Simon!

© Hellen van Meene

SVA held an artist talk with Hellen van Meene and Jörg Colberg. We're huge fans of her work, it was nice to hear her speak about it and her process. She definitely is a wonderful character on her own, one which explains her use of fictional storytelling in her portraits. Every portrait has a story of how and why they were made and she reveled in telling about each one. What we found most interesting, though not surprising, was her difficulty of making work in the states because of our sexually driven yet suppressed culture. Because she photographed adolescents, parents and authorities were skeptical, not willing to understand the nature of her work. We have all been turned down hoping to take a portrait, but it hasn't discouraged any of us yet. Her show at Yancey Richardson opened today, one not to be missed. We enjoyed seeing her new work, her uneven use of daylight and incorporating panoramas added more drama to the fictional characters in her portraits.

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