Friday, September 25, 2009

Take Us to Berlin

...for many, many reasons, but especially for this!

The French marionette street theater company Royal de Luxe will be in Berlin on 1Oct to commemorate the 20th Anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, where the Giants will take over the streets to enact a fairy tale created for this special occasion, remembering the monumental moment in history from 1989.

The Little Giantess, The Wall, and The Deep Sea Diver

Once upon a time, a long time ago, Berlin was a swamp inhabited by giants. They planted roots in the water which slowly grew up into trees, whose trunks they later used to build shelters. In one of these huts lived a Little Giantess together with her uncle, the Big Giant. He had given her a wonderful boat in which she could travel across the continent. But one day land and sea monsters tore the city in two. And one of these two pieces was walled up. When this happened the Big Giant and the Little Giantess were separated. He was so angry that he threw himself into the river and from there he wandered through the depths of the ocean's looking for the sleeping geyser on the sea floor.

Many years passed until he eventually found it. He dragged it underneath the city walls and woke it rudely. The earth shook, the walls crumbled and washed away, a strong wind made the Little Giantess' boat start moving and pulled the roots of the trees up into the air. When this was all over, the Big Giant climbs out of the river and starts searching.
The Little Giantess wakes up beside her boat and discovers a sack full of letters which were never delivered. She decides she is going to deliver the post and on her way round the city she is reunited with her uncle, the Big Giant.
-Jean Luc Courcoult

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