Sunday, April 26, 2009

2 Days, 7 Farms, 12 Farmers

Our shoot upstate was exactly what we needed... two days off the road and away from our current (trucking) culture which revolves around our capitalist consumption. They say the revolution will not be televised but they also never said it would be so green. Our generation is taking back what's ours while trying to give back without any inclination of greed. The future is in our hands and it's as simple as a handful of dirt.

It's more than gratifying to work for a publication that gives you stories right up your alley. We spent two days in beautiful upstate New York with good friend/writer/stylist Jason Jules learning about, meeting, and taking portraits of young farmers who are the new generation of food growers cultivating a sustainable way of life. The youngest of the farmers was 22 yrs old dedicated to local farming and real, well-grown, unprocessed food. We picked eggs whose hens hatched that same morning and learned about permaculture, a brilliant way to use land without damaging it, harboring natural energy without the dependency of fossil fuels.

While we thought we knew much about where our food came from and why we eat organic and local, our experience on these farms took us on a journey as if experiencing Michael Pollan's words in real life. It made us miss upstate, and the simplicity of life (or at least what it can and should be).

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And if you're ever in the area, be sure to check out and support these friendly farmers:
Awesome Farm - Tivoli, NY
Sisters Hill Farm - Stanfordville, NY
Regeneration CSA - High Falls, NY
Esopus Creek Farm - Lamontville, NY
Sky Farm - Millerton, NY
One Earth Farm - Kerhonkson, NY
Ryan's Chicken Farm - Wurtsboro, NY

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