Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Tanya Marcuse : Fruitless

Living upstate and seeing the orchards beginning to bloom instantly reminded us of Tanya Marcuse's Fruitless series. While only having lived upstate for almost a year, we see the beautiful vast orchards for sale in addition to the rise of new developments being built at an alarmingly rapid rate. Both orchards, horse farms, and local farms are being bought up, unaffected by the current state of our economy. Fruitless is an ongoing series of small Palladium prints that "document the vanishing visual, economic and cultural presence of orchards in the Hudson Valley region."

"With striking intimacy, Marcuse captures the visual complexity of intertwined branches, while bringing to the viewer's attention that perhaps in a year, or a decade, these trees will be gone and only the photographs will remain."

all images © Tanya Marcuse

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