Sunday, November 4, 2007

Friday Night at the MoMA

On a surprisingly not so crowded Friday night at the MoMA, we managed to finally make it to two wonderful exhibitions that have been up for some time now:

Present Tense: Photographs by JoAnn Verburg
closes on November 5 and will travel to the Walker Art Center where it will be on view from January 13 through April 20, 2008. If you missed it in NY, hopefully you can make it to Minneapolis.

© JoAnn Verberg, Olive Trees After the Heat, detail
© JoAnn Verberg, Olive Trees After the Heat

"There is this unique element of time in all of her photographs... With JoAnn’s work, the viewer has this sense that something is about to, or has just happened. There is a sense of going forward or backward in time. It was very imaginative..." -Susan Kismaric

New Photography 2007: Tanyth Berkeley, Scott McFarland, Berni Searle
on view through January 1

© Tanyth Berkeley, Grace, Linda, Ariel
selection of photos from the New Photography 2007 Exhibit

As portrait photographers, we were intrinsically drawn to Tanyth Berkeley's photographs. While both Scott McFarland and Berni Searle shared equally interesting work, Berkeley's photos kept our gaze. The almost life size portraits demanded our attention to the extraordinary women ranging from adolescents to transgenders, challenging the prevalent perception of beauty.

"I love the undeniable truth inherent in photography, the fact of it. I love that within this truth the world can be magical and awe-inspiring..." -Tanyth Berkeley

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